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These Budgeting Tips blogs are designed to help you with your journey to becoming financially sound, independent, and secure by becoming debt-free and saving. Many of these blogs share how my family and I became financially secure. Even with job loss and unexpected expenses, we are still able to pay our bills. We no longer live check to check and have reduced our debt to just the home. We plan to pay off the home within the next seven years. Please follow our journey from managing our debt to becoming debt-free.

Here you will find blogs about budgeting, saving, and investing.  How to view lending and borrowing.  There are tips on living on one income and living below your means.  Also, tips on how to build your credit score as well as things that hurt your credit score the most.

There is an about Dave Ramsey’s budgeting tips and how I did not follow them to the letter and still became financially sound.  I also suggest other books to read to help you with your financial journey.

Budgeting Tips Blogs to improve your Finances

My blogs can help you improve your financial situation by speaking about financial literacy.  You have to learn how to make your money work for you so you can earn as you learn. I believe most financial tools, such as checking and savings accounts should be used to help you budget.  Checking and Savings accounts are the engines that keep the budgeting train on track. I am a huge believer in automation. Hence, when you automate your deposits you will grow your savings.

Sharing my journey and offering some practical tips to help you in your journey to financial freedom is my main goal.  There are free templates to start a budget in print and digital versions.  I share tools to help you calculate various financial hurdles.

Therefore, I hope I can help you in any small way. To learn more about me click here.

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