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These Budgeting Tips blogs are designed to help you with your journey to becoming financially sound, independent, and secure by becoming debt-free and saving. Many of these blogs share how my family and I became financially secure. Even with job loss and unexpected expenses, we are still able to pay our bills. We no longer live check to check and have reduced our debt to just the home. We plan to pay off the home within the next seven years. Please follow our journey from managing our debt to becoming debt-free.

Here you will find blogs about budgeting, saving, and investing.  How to view lending and borrowing.  There are tips on living on one income and living below your means.  Also, tips on how to build your credit score as well as things that hurt your credit score the most.

There is an about Dave Ramsey’s budgeting tips and how I did not follow them to the letter and still became financially sound.  I also suggest other books to read to help you with your financial journey.

Budgeting Tips Blogs to improve your Finances

My blogs can help you improve your financial situation by speaking about financial literacy.  You have to learn how to make your money work for you so you can earn as you learn. I believe most financial tools, such as checking and savings accounts should be used to help you budget.  Checking and Savings accounts are the engines that keep the budgeting train on track. I am a huge believer in automation. Hence, when you automate your deposits you will grow your savings.

Sharing my journey and offering some practical tips to help you in your journey to financial freedom is my main goal.  There are free templates to start a budget in print and digital versions.  I share tools to help you calculate various financial hurdles.

Therefore, I hope I can help you in any small way. To learn more about me click here.

How to Save $10000 in a Year - BF Blog

How to Save $10000 in a Year

Learning to save money can be a most rewarding experience.  There is simply nothing to compare to having money in the bank when you need …
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Hidden Costs of Owning a Home Blog - BF

Hidden Costs of owning a home

There are many costs associated with purchasing a home.  The obvious ones are the closing costs which include home appraisals, and home inspections.  Most realtors …
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Living Stingy BF Blog

Living Stingy

Am I Living stingy? What does it mean to live stingily? First of all, a stingy person is considered a miser.  They are always reluctant …
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Debt-Free Christmas Challenge BF Blog

Debt Free Christmas Budget Challenge

We face many challenges when saving for Christmas in advance. You may still have last year’s Christmas expenses to pay.  Your current debt does not …
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What Does Living Below Your Means Look Like Blog - BF

Living Below Your Means

What Is Living Below Your Means? It is more than just frugal living. You need to understand how much you have and how much you …
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Wealth Accumulation Blob - BudgetingFaithfully.com

Wealth Accumulation

Let’s start with what is wealth? Wealth is making money, owning property, and having business ventures that create income and or value.  To be honest …
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Being Financially Sound Blog by BudgetingFaithfully.com

Being Financially Sound

To be financially sound for me means that if I lose my job, I have enough available cash to cover my expenses until I find …
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I can't afford to move out BF blog

I Can’t Afford To Move Out

We were once Empty-Nesters until my youngest ran into financial trouble and had to return home.  He had lost his job, used the last of …
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Last of the Boomers - BudgetingFaithfully Blog

Last of the Boomers

As a Boomer bringing up the rear, I have had the advantage of watching and reading about all my older Boomers.  Per the media Boomers …
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Millennials and Debt Blog BF

Millennials and Debt

There has been so much said about the Millennials and Debt but I must add my thoughts as well; as I have raised two Millennials.  …
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emergency fund savings BF Blog

Emergency Fund Savings

When I started working, I always felt it was important to save. I called it my Rainy-Day Fund.  I would withdraw from it whenever I …
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Checks and Savings Accounts Blog

Checking and Savings Accounts

For Budgets And Spending Plans To Be Implemented Properly, You Will Need Both Checking And Savings Accounts. The Checking and Savings accounts are the engines …
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Setting up a budget for Beginners

Create A Spending Plan

Why I Needed To Create A Spending Plan Now that you have created your budget, it is time to create a spending plan. If you …
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Budget Love and Selflessness BF

Budget: Love And Selflessness

It Has Been Said Whoever Controls The Marbles Controls The Game, however, I believe this is not true when budgeting for a household.  I believe …
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Mind over Money Budget - BF Blog

Mind Over Money Budget

The Key To Creating And Living Your budget Is Your Mind Over Money. You must keep your mind on what you plan to do with your …
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Pay off the Mortgage Blog - BF

Pay Off The Mortgage

After Years Of Budgeting To Eliminate Credit Card Debt, student loans, our car notes and building up wealth. It was time to seriously consider …
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Debt Escalation blog - BF

Debt Escalation

I Got My First Credit Card After Finishing College Debt Free. The more I spent and paid only the minimum payment the more the bank …
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