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Setting Up A Budget For Beginners
Budgets for Beginners, Singles And Couples

Learn about Budgeting Debt Free Living

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Tips and tricks to help you get started on becoming debt-free and reach financial freedom

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Good Steward

God has a lot to say about how we should spend, save and share our wealth.

Spiritual Growth

It was a long journey to find my way. It started with God's love letters - The Bible.

God's Word Is For Everyone

I Love To Help People Grow In Their Relationship With God By Encouraging Them To Read The Bible

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Christians And The Bible

I have encountered many who profess to be Christians but have never read the Bible or have only read certain parts of the Bible. My question is how can you be a follower of Christ without reading about what Christians are called to do? Christians and the Bible go hand in hand.

What I Have Learned About Budgeting to Debt Free Living

Are not two separate things. Your budget is your plan for spending your money. Budgeting leads to Debt Free Living.

Requires patient for the things you want to buy today but cannot afford until tomorrow. It is my rainy-day fund when the clouds open and literally pours out unexpected expenses.

  1. Create a budget
  2. Stick to your budget
  3. Save, save, and save some more

I always believed in God but some how I missed the true meaning of salvation. So, my journey has been to grow in my faith and apply the teachings to my daily life. In this quest I spend a ton of time in the Bible finding my Lord and Savior.

Create A Spending Plan - BF - Blog

Create A Spending Plan

Now that you have created your budget, it is time to create a spending plan. If you haven’t read my last two blogs on creating budgets called Budget: Love and Selflessness and Setting up a Budget for Beginners take a few moments to catch up. You will need a budget to create the spending plan.
Slave to the lender - BF - blog

Slave To The Lender

God speaks about money more than 800 times in the Bible.  Money and our possessions are the 2nd most important topic after God’s Kingdom and how to get there. However, the Bible teaches us that debt is not good and should be avoided. According to Proverbs 22:7 (NIV), “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is a slave to the lender.”

Sabrina Anthony here!

I have been an online marketer for the last 12 years specializing in Financial Services and Insurance. I have helped my company grow their presence on various social media platforms. So, I am using all my experience to share this message online using Blogs on Tumbler, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and on Facebook and of course here on this website under the title BudgetingFaithfully.com.
Please join me in sharing my experiences and thoughts when it comes to budgeting faithfully and faithful financial living.
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