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What Credit Card Starts With 4400

The ability to identify what type of credit card requires some knowledge of what the first few digits listed on the card mean. These numbers identify the payment network, and banking institute, and finally include the account number assigned to you. I have several credit cards, and each is assigned a different type of credit purchase. I want to be careful to use the correct one for the proper transaction. It is especially significant when I assign certain costs and expenses to certain cards to manage my budget, points, and cash flow. Therefore, it is important to me, and it should be for you to know what credit card starts with 4400 if you plan to use your credit cards as a budgeting tool.

Credit Card Numbers

Every credit card issued has 15 or 16 numbers printed on the front or back of the card issued. The first number identifies the payment network.  Three is for American Express card numbers. Four is Visa, five is Mastercard Credit Cards, and Discover Card’s first digit is six.  This number is called the Major Industry Identifier or MII digit. Its sole purpose is to keep track of those who participate in the payment network.

Secondly, every credit card has an Issuer Identification Number which is also referred to as the Bank Identification Number or BIN number. The IIN/BIN is always the first six or eight digits that identify the card’s issuer. The first digit (MII) will always identify the payment network and the next five digits will specify the financial institution, i.e., the bank or credit union that issued the card. Its purpose is to associate a payment network with the issuing bank. There are numerous financial institutions that currently issue Visa Credit Cards.

For example, the Visa Debit Cards with the number 440000 are Visa Classic debit cards issued in the United States by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.  You can check your BIN number using this Bank Identification Number Search for your type of card. I found out that one of the BIN numbers for Bank of America is 402444. There are more than 300,000 unique numbers stored in this Bank Identification Number Database.  Please note this database is accurate but not perfect. Use it at your own risk.

What Type of Credit Card Starts With 4400?

Based on the information above regarding the digits of a credit card number it is used for a Visa Credit Card or Debit Card. Any credit card beginning with the number four belongs to Visa.  Visa is part of the Major Card Network. The following three numbers are part of the BIN/INN and will aid in identifying the financial institutions that issue the card. Hence, you just need to add the next two to four digits to identify the financial institutions.

This can be especially important when you have more than one Visa card from more than one financial institution. You want the ability to track your credit card charges and it helps to know which card you used and why.

A Visa credit card is associated with various consumer and business US banks and foreign banks including but not limited to Fifth Third Bank, Community Credit Union, Federal Credit Union, First Data Resources, US Bank, Wells Fargo, United Bankers Bank, Services Credit Union, First National Bank of Omaha, First Bank Puerto Rico, FIA Card Services, BOKF, N.A., Bank of America, and Investors Community Bank.

Major Card Network Security

The unique string of numbers also includes the cardholder account number. The account number will be the next nine to ten numbers.  The final digit is the Check Digit of the Checksum number used to verify the credit card. Both Credit Cards and Debit Cards use this same system. In fact, all major credit card networks utilize the system. This system was established to ensure the correct person is being charged for a purchase. It is based on the Luhn Algorithm which is used by each major payment network. 

The algorithm is a simple check-digit algorithm that validates the charge using credit card numbers. It is also used in the mobile industry and by the government to validate Social Security numbers. There are other methods that financial institutions use to safeguard against credit card fraud. However, none of them are perfect as there are about $165.1 billion in credit card losses due to fraudulent charges in the U.S. alone per Bankrate.com. To learn more about credit card security read What Do CID and CVV Mean on a Credit Card?

What about Visa Gift Cards?

Just like a Visa credit and debit card, the Visa gift card also has the first digit of the card of four. Therefore, the gift cards will also have the same 16 digits. Hence, they are afforded the protection of the Credit Card Act against fraud.

However, there are disadvantages to the gift card. Small amounts of money left on the card can become wasted due to forgetfulness or inactivity. Also, you could incur fees to purchase and/or reload the card with money. Some cards are unable to load additional funds. Hence, there is a limit on the purchase powers based on the funds available on the card.

The Pros are Visa Gift Cards are prepaid Cards that can be used like credit or debit cards.  It is accepted worldwide. They are a good substitute for cash or credit cards. Hence, they are a great way to limit your spending so you can stay on budget. They make great gifts for family and friends. Finally, they are a convenient financial product.  

Are Bank Visa Credit Cards The Same As A Credit Union?

Now that we have identified our credit card as a Visa by the first digit of a credit card number, do the major credit card issuers matter?  Are bank-issued Visa better than Credit Union Visa issuers? According to the Credit Union National Association, the average late fee is about $10 cheaper than at a bank. Credit Unions that are federally chartered have their interest rates capped. Therefore, credit unions typically have lower interest rates. Finally, some credit unions compete with sign-up bonuses or rewards programs to lure bank-issued credit card customers. Therefore, this is a win-win for consumers looking for new credit card offers with cheaper interest rates and late fees.

Do You Need An International Visa Card

All Visa Cards begin with a four. They also have major credit card institutions associated with their brand. These same major credit card issuers are known internationally already. Do you really need to have an international Visa credit card? No, credit cards from Visa and MasterCard generally work fine in Europe and any international organization. However, American Express and Discover are less widely accepted. Therefore, we can conclude that you probably do not need to apply for an international Visa credit card unless you travel frequently overseas for work or vacation.

The First Digit Of The Card Is Not An Issue

It is always good to know what type of credit card you are using; however, it should never be an issue.  Whether your card is a Visa or Mastercard they both are accepted worldwide. If you are using a credit card for a specific budgeting task, then it makes sense to know that you are using your Visa versus your Mastercard. We typically, use American Express for all household expenses and travel. The charges rack up tons of points from already budgeted expenses.  We then use those points for airline or hotel expenses. I use my Discover Card for personal expenses. I use my Visa for all Amazon purchases, etc.

Recently, my Discover Card was hacked.  The hacker was using it to make purchases from Audible and Amazon Prime.  I immediately knew I was hacked because these would have been Visa expenses. I contacted Discover, had the charges reversed and a new card issued.

Therefore, it is okay to have multiple credit cards. You can give each a task and with the combined credit limits they can ensure that you keep your utilization down and your credit mix good.

Important Information For Credit Card Use

  • Do not spend more than you can afford to pay off each month.
  • Set alerts for a spending limit on your credit card.
  • Make all payments on time each month.
  • Never carry a balance.  The average interest is currently over 20%.
  • Make paying down your credit card debt a priority.
  • Start saving an Emergency Fund so that your credit card is not your emergency fund.
  • Live below your means.
  • Make a budget.
  • Seek help from a budgeting coach.
  • Seek financial help if you find yourself in trouble with your credit cards.

Important Information To Build Credit

  • Apply for new credit cards strategically.
  • Start with low-entry credit, prepaid credit cards, retail, and gas cards.
  • Pay your credit balances off each month. You do not have to carry a balance to build your credit score.
  • Ask a family or friend if you can be an authorized user on their card. Do not abuse this favor.
  • Do not max out your credit cards.
  • Ask for an increase in your credit limit to keep your utilization number under 10%
  • Have a mix of credit types. Credit cards, loans, or a mortgage.

Now you have a complete understanding of the digits on your credit card.  They are not a random string of digits. They identify the major credit card network, financial institutions, account number, and a check digit to ensure that the correct number is attributed to the correct cardholder.

Finally, you know the answer to the burning question. What credit card begins with 4400? Any credit card that starts with a 4 and is linked to any number of banking institutions in the United States or any foreign nation where Visa credit cards are allowed.

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