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I would love to hear your partnership ideas to create amazing content for my BudgetingFaithfully readers. Here are some examples of the ways I would love to partner with like-minded brands. I am open to new ideas too! Come work with us!

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My blogs focus on budget-conscious readers who also have spending goals to live their best life.  I also blog about what God has to say about money and my journey with the Lord. 

My blogs give them practical tips and tricks to budget, save and achieve all their goals.  Whether it is reducing debt, controlling their cash flow, or making that dream vacation.  I show them how it can easily be achieved. I provide quality content that is fun and creative and best meets their financial needs. The bible references money more than 800 times so finances were very important to God.  I also like to encourage my readers to deepen their faith by reading the Bible.

I have been an online marketer for the last 12 years specializing in Financial Services and Insurance. I also helped my company grow its presence on various social media platforms.  So, I am using all my experience to share this message online using Blogs on Tumbler, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and of course here on this website under the title  

Please join me in sharing my experiences and thoughts when it comes to budgeting, spending, living, and walking by faith.

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